Fancy Salwada. (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) 

2 days! (coming in late today because I didn’t get to finish it prior to today unlike the rest, and I had a wedding and a birthday party today)

3 days!

And the countdown continues—- seriously this is just an excuse to draw but who cares——

4 days!

Is this a countdown? Oh my! What is it for, I wonder?
Only like 2 and a half people online care about this anyway.

5 days!

Hebrew is weird


In Hebrew, the word for “hello” literally means peace.

The word for “goodbye” means to meet again.

When you want to say “congratulations”, you say good luck. (I always wondered what a person who understood only literal Hebrew would think if he came to our weddings and heard everyone telling the bride and groom “good luck”.)

"Good luck", in contrast, is with success.

"Welcome" is blessed are the comers.

To “publish” something is to bring it out into the light

Your “mood” is your state of the spirit.

On the other hand, “spirit” literally means wind. So “mood” is actually state of the wind.

A “report” is known as law and account, or more commonly by its acronym. 

An orange is called a golden apple, but is also known only by its acronym.

"The occupation", if you’re curious, is called the conquest.

Terms of endearment in Hebrew include soul, my life, and my penance (to ward off the evil eye).

In Israeli slang, if you want to say that someone is being over-analytical, nagging, or tedious, you say they are digging.

If you want to say someone is delusional, you say they live in a movie.

Any Hebrew speakers are welcome to add the strange things they noticed.

Also, might as well post my cosplay lineup for ICON 2014 here anyway;

Considers changing URLs again… aa…

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea - Red Sea Witch.

I had lots of fun in the meeting as well as my tiny shoot, and it’s actually the first time I got a proper one! I hope I’ll get to have more that will be as fun as this one.

Cosplay: syakekos
Photography: omer-hellyeah-mip
Edited by Guy Marraton.

Anonymous whispered: Can I be ur skirt?


im… me skirt