Teaser for my cosplay in CAMI 2014 tomorrow. ♡ #cosplay #wadanohara #red

Excited noises for the new Utsu-P album!!!

Wadanohara wig just came in! #cosplay #wadanohara


Collab with princessedepique!! My dear biker Sonia with her lovely gangster Kirigiri. uvu
She did the lineart and I colored it.

Finished the skirt for my next cosplay!

Lotus cheesecake that I made! ☆

devils and their snake girls

Done! Be happy you’re not here to smell it.

People online are so uneducated
I swear to god all there is to blame is the hamas I am. So angry. Not to mention all the comparisons to the holocaust like can you get any more tactless


Perhaps it is time for me to state my opinion on the matter. You are free to agree or disagree with me, or perhaps stir discussion in asks. It’s also an important thing for Mogeko-san to see the opinions on the issue, in a civil way. I will tag it all under “mogeko dicussion” to keep it in line, as well as for people to blacklist if intersted. This will be put under a read more.

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